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Russia has a great opportunity for students from Mauritius and African Region. There are a number of  Moscow and St. Petersburg Universities which have multiple disciplines to offer. High Comissioner of South Africa in Mauritius has graduated with the law degree from Peoples’ Friendship University. 


Peoples’ Friendship University was established by the USSR government decree on February 5, 1960. On February 22, 1961 Peoples’ Friendship University was named after Patris Lumumba, a political and public figure, a poet, the head of the first people's democratic government of Congo. The decision of establishing Peoples’ Friendship University in the Soviet Union was taken by the Soviet government in response to the requests of the former colonial countries governments and community. The main aim was to give young people from Asia, Africa and Latin America, especially from poor families, an opportunity to get University education and to become highly qualified specialists. The students were admitted through non-governmental organizations, governmental establishments, and the USSR embassies and consulates. The Peoples Friendship University of Russia was founded under the auspices of the All-Union Trade Union’s Central Council, the Solidarity Soviet Committee of the Asian and African countries, the Union of Friendship Associations and Intercultural Relationships.
In February 1975 the University was honored with Peoples’ Friendship Order for the contribution in the Asian, African and Latin American development. On February 5, 1992 the university was renamed “Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia – the state institute of higher education” (PFUR). The founder of PFUR is the government of the Russian Federation.

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    We provide all necessary information and assistance in document preparation for admission.

    Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Mauritius
  • Following the selection of 3 Police Officers in connection with the scholarship providing by the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Russian Federation Ė Degrees of Staff of Law Enforcement Bodies of African Countries, I have contacted Mrs. Olga Leschenko, the Local Director of Manage-Consult Studio WEST EAST Ltd. situated at No. 16, Morcellement des Mascareignes, Gajadhur Lane, Trou aux Biches on the 09th of September, 2015, in respect with the translated of documents in Russian Language.

    I am very grateful to every support that the company provided me with all necessary assistance and support, especially the translation of all the documents into Russian language as well as advices of how to adapt with the environment and cold temperature of the Russian Federation.

    I am really glad to recommend the Manage-Consult Studio WEST-EAST Ltd. to any Mauritian citizen looking for information or regarding relations with Russia and seeking for professional support.


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