It's visa-free travel to Switzerland

Mauritians travelling to Switzerland will no longer require a visa after both countries signed a visa-waiver agreement yesterday. From today, Mauritians travelling to Switzerland will not require a visa for any stay of less than 90 days or multiple stays of a cumulative duration of less than 90 days over any six-month period.

“This agreement facilitates the movement of our people in both directions. We have been applying the visa waiver programme for quite some time now but it was time that we legalised the agreement,” said Swiss Ambassador Rudolf Baerfuss. Currently, there are 600 Swiss nationals living in Mauritius.

An earlier agreement signed in May 2009 between the island and the European Union made provision for the similar facilities to Mauritians travelling into countries forming part of the EU. A joint declaration of the agreement between Mauritius and the EU called on Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein to conclude a similar bilateral agreement with Mauritius.

Under the combined effect of both agreements that Mauritius has signed with Switzerland and the European Community, Mauritians will be able to travel to the 25 countries forming part of the EU without the need to get a visa beforehand.

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